Analytical vision and position estimation: William Burns and Selective Intelligence to Final Intelligence. There is no ally for America but itself and engineering role distribution. Between republican and democrat through deep state cartelr/ Lawyer Muhammad Ahmad Al-Rousan

  ( JORDAN ) * Lawyer Muhammad Ahmad Al-Rousan


… Member of the Political Bureau of the Jordanian Popular Movement *

Always and again and again and again, we obtain in word and deed in this engineering as a profound wisdom: that loyalty to the United States of America is more dangerous than its hostility, as hostility has its dangers, and alliance with it is always and forever associated with calamities and destruction, and the Damascene mind is the only one that probed and exposed the core of America’s mind, so the saying came The following that tickles some and makes others angry: There are three secrets in the depth of human history: God Almighty, then the woman, then the politics of Damascus, no one knows how Damascus thinks? Damascus policy vis-à-vis the West is a mystery.

A nuclear agreement with Iran through the International Six-Party in 2015, issued by a UN resolution by the UN Security Council, then a unilateral US withdrawal from it during the era of former President Donald Trump, with the Iranian nuclear card being shipped in all directions and with open balances and accounts, while engineering a new American game across the depth of the state Deep in the world, the game of elections every four years, and now through the advent of a democratic administration burdened with a burden and a bomb in relations, towards the American interior, and towards the American outside, and with a possible return again to American relations with Cuba and the lifting of the sanctions basket imposed by the deep state through the President Donald Trump, with prospective attempts to create, create and activate economic and intelligence tools for Washington in Latin American countries, and the delivery of economic killers to decision-making centers and their implementation in those arenas, all of this leads to a state of sharp historical push prevailing in the world at this time, I will try to collect, intensify and analyze in (Vesicles) a lot of information to come out with another scene.

The aim of the nuclear agreement in origin and root is to explode Iran from the inside. We do not star or break into the science of futures that adopts theories of the philosophy of history, when we discuss the shape of the next world after all this incomplete labor during the era of President Donald Trump, which is the pangs of a decree and specific through The deep state in America, which is witnessing situations of conflict in the form of competition between its parties, as well as the consolidation and rooting of the annexation of Crimea, and after a possible return to US relations with Cuba by another decision from the American country and the deep state, we are facing a new Yalta that ended the old Yalta, and the only and only actor in history and its movement In making the future, God is the Lord of life and death, people and the jinn, just tools used by the Creator, glory be to Him, to achieve balance in this world and through horizontal and vertical exchange.

And between the cases of strategic dislocation, its incentives and its compositions in the region and the region, and the American confusion intended for the Middle East for the purposes of structuring and reducing the US presence for this influence. The most important in the Eurasia region, the heart of the ancient world, represents the gateway to control the region of the Caspian Sea basin (the Khazar Sea by the Iranian name) rich in oil and natural gas resources, and through Azerbaijan, the vital heart of the state in Iran can be easily threatened, due to its close proximity to the capital, Tehran, and the regions. The Iranian super important and sensitive, in addition to the presence of not a small amount of what is known as the (Azerbaijani minority) in northern Iran, which is characterized by strong feelings of hostility towards the Iranian society, and some separatist movements that demand separation from Iran and joining Azerbaijan are currently active in it, with the support of the American-Western axis The Israelis are some Arabs, and because Azerbaijan is a positioning point as a base, it is possible to threaten Russian installations in regions of us Some of them are Russian oil, Russian hydroelectric power stations, and also the southwestern region of Russia, in which Russian industrial activities are concentrated, and because Azerbaijan is, in one way or another, a station to support armed movements in Central Asia and the Caucasus region, and therefore support for these movements through Baku can lead To more unrest in these two areas.

All regional events are interrelated, and each event is necessarily local, and with implications regional and international as well, and many observers say that the international six-party agreement with Tehran, which ultimately led to the nuclear agreement and then the unilateral US withdrawal from it during the Trump era, and now the possibility of returning to the American Yankee again for him, The possibility in politics is not certain and there is also nothing sacred in politics that carries from indications and connotations beyond the idea of the Iranian nuclear, to a stage that establishes a new era in the region in regional arrangements, including an explicit recognition of the extent of Iranian influence, so we will see later attempts with chronic and incomplete struggles. To form a regional Turkish, Saudi, Egyptian, Qatari, and Emirati regional alliance with Pakistani extensions, to build a solid cordon around Iran surrounding it on the four sides in a homogeneous sectarian environment to some extent, to achieve some kind of balances in its comprehensive sense, or to serve as a cruise horse for the United States of America in the region, and in light of the return and continuation The American alliance with political Islam in the region and through a new New Look, especially in the case of recruiting and framing the Muslim Brotherhood organizations, in a framework very close to the model The Turkish Justice and Development Party, which is to be dominated and ideological in the region, and this would make the Muslim Brotherhood organization with national identities, each in its arena, identity and circumstances. If this happens (the aforementioned with Washington DC) then any Iranian nuclear concessions in the agreement will become a matter of detail or An irrelevant detail (the important thing is to secure Iran’s minimum nuclear needs).

Many questions such as the following: Will the American capital, Washington, DC, adapt to the Iranian nuclear bomb, as it did in the recent past with Pakistan and India, and in light of a strategic fact based on the fact that America considers the Iranian nuclear program a strategic threat, while “Israel” considers it An existential threat? Has the American bulldog has come to believe in the fact that Iran is a real, rational regional state with a vital field that bases its behavior on profit and loss, and therefore it is necessary to coexist with a nuclear Iran as a strong opponent? Is Washington’s problem and complex with Iran in the technical joints of the nuclear program, or is it in the nuclear knowledge that has become a foregone conclusion and achieved by Iran with impressive progress, or in Iran’s behavior and its regional influence?

The West only understands the language of interests and economics. That is why the American deep state decided, through its new detachment, Joseph Biden, as its spokesman, at the behest of the American Bullberg, the embryo of the international government, and through its administration (the American autocratic government) and its military arm, the military industrial complex, to return to the American strategy in The region at the time of former President Barack Obama, with modifications and improvements in substance to some extent, through betting on rapprochement with Iran through the entrance to its nuclear file and the possibilities of return in terms of negotiation, as a prelude to improving most relations with it and trying to bring about quiet change from within, in implementation of the recommendations of a deep intelligence community The deep state of the deep state: that the key to change in the region passes through the Iranian gate, and that there is no solution to containing Iran but opening up to it and betting on a long-term revolutionary scheme to implant MacDonald cultures as an alternative to the cultures of the revolution, in the conscience and minds of future generations in Iran itself, and playing with the Iranian middle class And penetration into the joints of the Iranian state to softly detonate it from within. Normalization with Iran is one of the mechanisms for implementing this scenario – strategic Smooth normalization.

This strategic goal confirms that reaching the nuclear agreement with Iran and giving it up its rights for nothing (except for Iran’s concession in the margins to the West) is basically an American need, so the doctrine of investment in the Iranian nuclear carrot was initiated to contain Iran and penetrate its interior, within a complete and comprehensive strategy. Suitable for decades, and then acts of soft sabotage tools in order to bear fruit in the long run, and this may be the main reason for opposition to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and the conservative wing of the nuclear agreement from the start of negotiations at the time of the Obama administration until it was signed, and then the US withdrawal from it through the strategies of playing and distributing roles By the American ruling cartels, between the Republican Party and the Democratic Party cadres.

Data, facts and information began to speak, that William Burns, the new CIA director, who previously served as ambassador for his country here in Amman and Moscow, and who has been deeply involved in negotiations on the US diplomatic side with Iran, and to some extent Tehran is comfortable with, is working hard this time And in coordination with the head of the US Federal Intelligence Complex and the US National Intelligence, in an attempt to create and establish a new intelligence doctrine in the United States of America and start work with it, with the possibility of returning to the agreement with Tehran, which was originally the legislative infiltration of it in the past, in terms of the backstage And chambers of legislation in the US Congress during the Obama era, with regard to the Iranian Shura Council, its committees, and its legislative and political support rooms, until a decision was issued by the UN Security Council.

This sectarianism, which is intended to be created or created, aims to push the multiple US intelligence networks to change its approach that was at the time of the just outgoing President Donald Trump, and to replace it with a new method based on the concept: selective intelligence, down to the concept of final intelligence reports (which stand on the door The president or the king) which are the results of a careful analysis of information and expectations, and this is what William Burns, the new CIA director, believes in, in more clear terms, that is, preparing intelligence reports that rely on facts and evidence, not fabrications and lies, that would support the current trends of the US administration – The administration of Joseph Biden, according to what he previously called, the neo-conservatives, warriors returning in the guise of the Democratic Party: the favorable reports that allow, to enhance the vision, ambitions and aspirations of the American political leadership, and behind it the Israeli AIPAC, regarding the Syrian file with its various ramifications, and its links to the Lebanese arena, and about the file The Iranian, and its vital areas in particular, with new selective intelligence clashes, in files: Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Central Asia, Korea Financial, Iran … etc.

Whereas intelligence reports related to speculations, indicators and assessments of political positions play a major and important role in decision-making first, and with the end of the decisive last seconds and minutes, and before the decision is issued, with what is confirmed by the data of practical experience, for the process of making and strategic decision-making, in the sense that it is a lot Intelligence reports are in conflict with the political leadership’s orientations.

Was the root of the nuclear agreement with Iran basically a change in strategies or in tactics? Or is it a change in the goals and curves of American policy in most of the region, which are the product of the engineering of the distribution of roles between the Republican and the Democrat by the deep American state, for example, every four years? An American retreat from the level of changing Iran’s behavior and reducing its spheres of influence to working to contain it, and the acknowledgment of Iranian influence and an attempt to frame it, means a geographical framework for Iranian military influence and its field extensions through the supporters and allies in the region, where Iran laid all its eggs outside the American basket to escape the break While the Arabs, with all regret, have put all their eggs in it and more of their eggs, for this it will break and crawl on their stomachs, for Iraq, for Iran, is part of its national security, and Syria for Hezbollah is a strategic depth, and the diplomatic language is not the language of favorable intelligence, and there is no ally of America but itself, and the scene He became surreal, and if some Arabs visited Iran, it is the visit of the weak to the strong, so the equations say and speak with the knowledge of political mathematics that does not compliment anyone, and this is the most beautiful thing in the language of digital political mathematics, which is in line with the logic of things, where there is no place for emotions, feelings, desires, wishes and wildness In its folds, articulations and transitions, at the origin of its quadratic and cubic roots, it is mental mathematics, the language of numbers and the language of logic.

In the Israeli-Zionist perspective, the Iran nuclear agreement is practical: it is the result of the steadfastness of the Syrian national state, the cohesion of its army, security apparatus, and public sector institutions, and in general, the resilience of the Syrian political system.

“Israel” Zionism sees in the effects and interactions of the concept of Iran as a nuclear state, or at least on the path and path to being nuclear, meaning recognition of Iran as a regional state that has its influence and vital space in the bulk of the Middle East region, and Iran’s right to enrich uranium as a nuclear technical technical process far from the enrichment rate (After the stupid US withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear deal, driven by the deep state of the country, through the former official spokesman Donald Trump), and this means pumping more frozen funds, and this leads to the improvement of the Iranian economy and thus improvement and recovery in the crisis in the Syrian economy as a result of the Syrian issue.

A tangible reduction in the unemployment rate in Iran means, a reduction in the rate of inflation, a recovery of the Iranian currency for what it has lost of its value, and as a result, escalating revival of the Iranian economic cycle.

In the same general context, the Zionist “Israel” believes that Iran’s nuclear program is still ambiguous and needs more clarifications and disclosure of details. It is true that Iran has not waived its right to enrich.

On the one hand, the Zionist “Israel” views the Iran deal as a political event that may lead to a strategic situation in the various relations with the American capital, Washington DC, and thus with the world, and on the other hand, as an effective result that will lead to the reduction of the geostrategic area that it controls. Russia and China in the Gulf region, and this may lead to the revival of the return of American influence to Central Asia via Iran, and lead to the retreat of Turkey and the differentiation of its relations with Washington.

But the Zionist “Israel” is trying to hide a smile here: that the Iranian nuclear agreement will establish a gradual change in the core of Iranian society through the Iranian middle class, and the latter’s restoration of its dynamics due to the improvement of the Iranian economy, as it is the class that can be bet on in bringing about the desired and desired change in the US and the West. And a Zionist, being a class that has great political horizons in Iran and has a young human component, and the middle class in Iran is the factory of political, cultural, intellectual, scientific, military and intelligence leaderships, and it is the one that maintains the class struggle in society, while the Zionist “Israel” laughs lamentably that the middle class in Jordan has been dissolved and canceled within a specific approach in economic and other policies, to postpone and / or cancel any political bet on it to change with regret, in the event of the outbreak of conflict and / or competition for long-term hot levels inside Jordan, the results will be violent in the political sense. There is no middle class in which the nucleus of the Jordanian state can depend on, to restore balance to societal conflict, or if you want it to be called competition due to internal stimuli The demographic profile, regional and international external incentives, which are being employed by the American countrysberg and its international nucleus, after the American project in Syria faltered.

So America may return to the nuclear agreement, within the concept of the dialectic of return and the lifting of sanctions, in the era of the new official spokesman Joseph Biden for the depth of the state in it, through a new game when conditions and data mature, and the paths and directions of biological wars with China, the Russians and the West European, where the West and through the agreement The nuclear program seeks to change the nature of the political system in Iran, through the active middle class in Iranian society, as a prelude to ending the Iranian nuclear program and through unleashing and openings for Tehran’s political space and its integration into the global economic environment.

The Israeli-Zionist objection here is that this needs a long time and perseverance, and this does not work in the Israeli strategic interest, with the presence of Iranian political, military, intelligence and economic elites rally around the Iranian state and the wilayat of al-Faqih.

And the Zionist view of “Israel” is that the Iran agreement strengthens Iran’s position as a power of influence in the Mediterranean region, and leads to rapprochement and more relations with the majority of the Azerbaijani people in northern Iran, where Azerbaijan, and to special and new understandings with Baku about the Caspian Sea stocks in the north of Iran to reach, To legal framework agreements with the other four countries bordering on it, and is it a sea or a lake? As well as the Iranian-Azerbaijani understandings about the hidden Israeli military and intelligence presence inside the Azerbaijani interior.

Zionist “Israel” is seeking uses for the Iran nuclear agreement, and the possibility of America returning to it through the era of the new Biden spokesman, and is working on it, to obtain a price for what is not clear in the overall Arab-Israeli conflict, especially on the Palestinian-“Israeli” track, especially with the possible return of Benjamin Netanyahu To govern, but without forming a government alone and with his party, for example if the settlements remain in the occupied West Bank, an understanding about Jerusalem with the American Yankee embassy remaining in it, the temporal and spatial division of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and about all issues of the final solution, including refugees and displaced persons, and that in the event that it is not granted “Israel” will impede this price, and through its tools at home in the United States, in the Congress and other institutions of the American state, and through its tools abroad and in Europe, except in one possible case, which is the rejection of the American (Balderberg) international government of the Zionist trends, and this is what I believe will be, where the state is The profound era of President Barack Obama restrained Israel, and its attempts to prevent the signing of the agreement in a timely manner failed!

“Israel” Zionism believes in the nuclear agreement with Iran, that it referred to some extent to the victory of the Shiite political component against the Sunni political component, the continuation of the Syrian political system, and its readiness for the Syrian one, to hold the upcoming Syrian elections and the presidency in the constitution, and to reject the parliamentary system that seeks America and Israel, through its agents in the opposition political team in the Geneva meetings, to find it in the new constitution, and the president to remain in his leadership of the next transitional phase, which could be produced by any upcoming political settlement process, and the Iran agreement brought the Arab countries bordering the Gulf into the circle of strategic danger, and the preparation for revolutions. In it, the events of the changes required by the United States, and this is what Zionist “Israel” does not want now, at least after signing their normalization agreements with the Emirati and Bahraini recently, and Qatar has been completely dissolved for a long time with the visions of the Zionist entity, and the Saudis are in a state of waiting and waiting, watching himself and others.

Tel Aviv, Zionism, believes that Iran has made concessions in the margins, the rates of enrichment, and other details that do not hinder its right to enrichment that was legalized by the nuclear agreement signed with it, and that the nuclear agreement only slowed the essence of its project, but because of the unilateral US withdrawal, the opposite happened now, as there are accelerations in the progress and development of the program The Iranian nuclear reactor with many advanced centrifuges in the fortified Fordo facility in the depth of the mountains, whose name has become the martyr Mohsenzadeh facility, and in the Natanz reactor, as well as the construction of another heavy-water nuclear reactor other than the Arak reactor, which also works with heavy water, and that its assassination of the scientist Mohsenzadeh gave Pushes forward in the launch of winding paths of the Iranian nuclear program, the ballistic missile program, and in the range of missiles, after the discovery of an underground strategic missile base, overlooking the Gulf at close distances estimated at only twenty kilometers or less.

“Israel” Zionism considers in the Iran agreement that the Islamic Republic of Iran uses its political cards and operational tools inside Pakistan and Afghanistan and with the Afghan Taliban and the Pakistan Taliban, to facilitate partial withdrawals of some American forces from Afghanistan without obstructing and confronting American interests there, and this would That it leads to a state of accommodation along the lines of US-Iranian relations, and this does not work in the interest of the Zionist Israeli.

The information talks about: And after the first real-time telephone activities of Biden’s new US National Security Adviser, Jake Sullivan, and preceded it two weeks ago with high-level security meetings, and before Biden’s inauguration (from secret meetings and public contacts of Jake Sullivan with European, Japanese, South Korean, Arab and Muslim officials, about Russia, China and Korea. North, Iran and Syria) that the institutions of political and security decision-making in Washington, in the joints of the democratic administration, are thinking very seriously and deeply, establishing a (new defensive umbrella) in order to protect its allies in the Gulf region in particular, and the Middle East in general, from what is called in the international community (the United States of America) And Israel) and in the global media about the Iranian nuclear threat (the concept of Iran’s phobia is again constant and not changing), where the American capital Washington DC crossed the depth of the country and its allies, doing their best to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear capabilities, including the nuclear bomb, which It is not seeking it, and Iran does not want it in the first place, and the latter (that is, Iran) sold them a nuclear bomb that it does not possess, in exchange for lifting sanctions they do not deserve through the nuclear agreement from which Trump withdrew and pledged allegiance From the deep state, and re-imposing unilateral sanctions on it again, and now we have entered into an equation: the dialectic of the US return to the nuclear agreement with Tehran and the lifting of sanctions.

Despite all this, the deep state in the United States of America, and through its new, elderly spokesman, Joseph Biden, has decided if Tehran continues its nuclear program without any effect on the process of slowing it down through the agreement even if it does not return to it again and lift the sanctions imposed by Mawlana Donald Trump is applauding, and (from the American angle) its acquisition of nuclear warfare capabilities has become an inevitable reality. Washington believes that the solution lies in the option of deploying American nuclear capabilities in the region, to protect America’s allies and protect vital American interests, so that the blackmail of everyone, by everyone, by everyone and by new.

Washington has found, in using the Iranian nuclear threat, the appropriate scarecrow that opened the window of opportunity in front of it to deploy its nuclear military capabilities extensively in the Middle East, allowing it to put the Middle East region definitively and finally under US military control, thus making this region a red line or “tavu” “It is forbidden for other international powers, such as the Russian Federation, China and the European Union, and from here we insist that the deep state, in the last quarter of an hour of Trump’s rule, ordered him to place Israel within the US Central Command, to impose military normalization on everyone.

Through this Iranian nuclear scarecrow and its amplification (along with the nuclear agreement and the possibility of the American Yankee returning to it), the American capital, Washington DC, is able to expand the spread of American military bases in areas of great importance and sensitivity to control of the international system, after the failure of the United States of America and from It was associated with it from the Arabs in bringing down the Syrian political system, and thus it seeks, through the deployment of its military and nuclear bases, to place Iran under American control, in a way that would allow Washington later to carry out the process of containing the Iranian regime, and to strengthen the military capabilities of the American Central Command, allowing it a greater ability to control The Middle Eastern theater, in terms of deterrence and rapid resolution of all forms and types of present and potential threats.

Well-informed security, political and military sources talk about information about the American military-industrial and military complex, one of the arms of the deep state, and American and Western arms companies with an international character, who are now exerting great pressure on the current American administration – the elderly administration of Joseph Biden, so that America will return to the agreement, until Even without any simple negotiation within the framework of five + 1, with Iran, overcoming all obstacles, and adopting the principle of balancing Iranian nuclear military capabilities, by deploying more US nuclear military capabilities, because the feasibility studies examined by experts of these companies confirmed that the American military companies and the entities of the military industrial complex The American, you will get unparalleled financial revenues if Washington manages to employ the scarecrow of the Iranian nuclear threat in addition to its return to the agreement with Iran, and make the Gulf countries go to a large-scale regional arms race (Saudi Arabia is now seeking to acquire nuclear capabilities through cooperation with Russia, for example), Whereas, this arms race is taking place against the backdrop of Washington’s deployment of its military capabilities in the region, as long as that leads to obliging the Gulf states to finance the expenses of the new military bases, And in Iraq, where ISIS is being revived again in it and in Syria, the recent terrorist bombings in Iraq, and the escalation of the Kurdish Qasd in Hasakah in Syria and its quest to take control of Ain Issa, after Biden took power in America as an official spokesman for the American country, with the Turkish president’s threats to enter Sinjar north Iraq to expel the PKK, while selling more advanced American equipment and weapons to the Gulf countries (the Yemen trap), as well as making the Gulf countries and the rest of America’s Arab allies to enter into strategic ties and agreements with Washington, so that they are completely like the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) agreements. Which has been for more than sixty years and more, imposing restrictions and obligations on the countries of Western Europe.

The ignition of a new cold war in the Arab Gulf and the Middle East through the Syrian event and the Iranian nuclear event, in a way that allows America to link it with the Cold War in the Pacific against China and the Cold War in Central and Eastern Europe against Federal Russia, thus opening the way to a new global cold war that provides cover for Washington’s efforts from In order to reshape the global geopolitical map, mobilizing the Gulf countries and Washington’s Middle Eastern allies to engage with Washington in international and regional confrontations, especially the US-China confrontation and the US-Russian confrontation.

Despite the nuclear agreement with Iran, the nucleus of the American state (the American Bulldberg) decided to keep the so-called Iranian nuclear threat, for a long time to come. It is the most appropriate and better option, and even the best model for the United States of America and its allies – despite its withdrawal from it under the Trump era and the possibility of its return now to him and to him And through it, to blow up Iran from the inside, the point is to use it as a cover for the implementation of one of the most important American plans seeking to control the world, where the more Iranian nuclear threat is present, the more justifications are found for its use as a cover in implementing the requirements of the large-scale strategic shading operation against the countries of the region, as well as the availability of military capabilities. The American nuclear program in the Gulf and the Middle East is an availability that will not deter and contain the Iranian nuclear threat, but rather to deter and contain the traditional Arab military capabilities and prevent them from transforming into unconventional capabilities to protect (Israel) urgent for everything in the region.

America is seeking to build a military alliance in the Gulf and the Middle East, as is the case in the experience of NATO, with the launch of secret talks, not negotiations for so-called peace in the Middle East, in which all the political, media and intelligence information in the international media indicates that they are talks not for settlement but to settle the issue The entire Palestinian community, through the so-called regional peace, and the decision-making kitchen in Jordan to think from now on the so-called reasonable limits for settling its refugees and internally displaced persons, and integrating them into the Jordanian society while changing the rules of the internal political game, with a complete absence of any international guarantees in this context, which finds deaf ears. Deep in the American state, through the Biden administration, democracy, which is a third version of the Obama administration, in depth.

The administration of President Joseph Biden, the spokesperson for the deep state, is true that it is democratic, but it has a republican agenda for the next four years ((See the geography of the so-called Arab Spring from Tunisia to Egypt, Libya to Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, and Iraq, and what is being prepared for Algeria and Morocco – see Our previous analysis: (Algeria is targeted by the deep state in America) and what is also warned about Mauritania, where Iranian economic influence in it, through investments in the huge fish wealth and the Americans want to target this influence, and Jordan as well, so all the geography of this Arab Spring is in the eyes of American deception strategies. The Democrat, and on the Republican side, as long as the employer is the American Bulldog – the depth of the state and the genes of the international government, namely (that is, the Biden administration and the agenda of the two previous Obama administrations, and where Joe Biden’s administration, the third version of Barack Obama’s administrations) is more dangerous to the Middle East, and the issue of the Arab-Israeli conflict Its essence is the Palestinian issue, the world in the two Bush Republican administrations, and the administration of the just outgoing President Donald Trump.

Yes: The containment strategy that Washington had previously applied in western Europe and Turkey during the Cold War had provided the United States of America with economic, political, military and security control over the Europeans, and now the time has come to use the data of this containment strategy as part of a new modified formula in terms of activating the effects of dropping it on the Gulf region And the Middle East, Syria and Iran together.

In order for Israel to establish the Zionist entity, it always and consistently strives to achieve strategic superiority, and this Hebrew entity finds no means for its survival except by completely transforming it into a military barracks, and by possessing nuclear weapons, as it went on to develop nuclear programs that are used for military purposes and the manufacture of atomic bombs, On the tenth of August 1948, after the establishment of this Hebrew entity that contingent on the history and geography of the region, the Israeli Atomic Energy Corporation “Nagal Sorek”, affiliated with the Israeli Ministry of War, was established. Plans were also drawn up to build nuclear reactors and atomic accelerators, produce heavy water and obtain enriched uranium This Hebrew armament has its strategic dimensions, it is not a problem of borders or sovereignty, but a problem of physical survival in every sense of this word, and it is a matter of survival not only for the Jewish people in the lands occupied in 1948 AD, but for the Jewish people all over the world.

Talking about the Israeli weapons and / or nuclear program is completely ignored as if this program and / or weapons do not pose a threat, threat or undermine peace and security in the region, which is the largest region in the world inflamed and tense due to the Hebrew occupation of the occupied Arab lands / the Syrian Golan, Shebaa Farms, Ghajar village, as well as the occupied Palestinian land / 1948 and 1967.

The funny and crying irony is: Although the United States of America has been adopting for some time the issue of banning weapons of mass destruction, it refused years ago to ratify the treaty banning nuclear tests. Indeed, Washington has not taken a position against “Israel” possessing weapons of mass destruction, It ignored the lively Arab and international positions that reject the “Israeli” nuclear weapon, as “Israel” possesses the most dangerous and deadliest nuclear weapons, and threatens the entire Arab and non-Arab region, and America has consistently refused to enter into the agreement on the prohibition of the production and development of nuclear weapons before the world’s hearing, eyesight and deafness It is taking place in the Dimona reactor, and since the “Israeli” weapons of mass destruction lead to a military imbalance in the region, this means that the words and expressions of the upcoming peace / peace are an illusion, and the American roadmap through proximity negotiations / the map to liquidate the Palestinian cause / and the realistic Palestinian state / on Salam Fayyad’s opinion / mere illusions that will disappear in light of the plans of the leaders of this emergency entity on everything.

It should be noted that in the beginning of February 2008, a double martyrdom operation took place in the village of Dimona, which caused the Israeli security services, headed by the Shin Bet, to be shocked by a qualitative double martyrdom operation, especially as it came in the heart of Dimona. It is located in the far south of Palestine occupied in 1948 AD, and near it is the Dimona terrorist nuclear reactor, and the question that the (Shin Bet) posed to itself and still is: Today they succeeded in bypassing all the tight security measures in and around Dimona, and the double operation was successful by all standards ! What if they arrived tomorrow and / or the day after tomorrow to Dimona itself (the reactor) and detonated it? !! It is a real disaster for Israel, the region and the world!

In addition to the Dimona reactor, Israel has another nuclear reactor in the heart of occupied Palestine in 1948 AD “Israel Now” on the Mediterranean coast called the Sorek nuclear reactor, which was provided by US President Dwight Eisenhower in 1955 AD, where it appears from the Sorek reactor: the facility Designated for projects unrelated to the atomic bomb, such as developing a night vision system and / or nuclear cameras. Scientists in Sorek also conduct research on means of controlling martyrdom fighters through devices that can see under clothing.

This is the Hebrew state contingent on geography and history, and if it practices the policy of nuclear ambiguity in its military and terrorist nuclear program, in return it does not hide its projects for the weapons used by snipers, so that it allows measuring wind speed by aiming at the target, in addition to another laser that determines the distance.

The power of this reactor is five megawatts, as the core of the reactor was placed under nine meters of water from which the pale blue metal is removed, which is extremely transparent, as the appearance of this reactor is conducting applied research to develop high-level technological products, and this Sorek is similar and consistent in goal and purpose with the Dimona reactor. It is based in the development of nuclear weapons, although it is the only reactor in the world that does not include a department for nuclear physics.

The Sorek complex is fully responsible for the research, development and manufacture of nuclear weapons as well, and remarkably for international intelligence services operating in the Middle East, considering the latter an arena for conflict. The Dimona reactor is the first reactor in Israel and is located in the Negev desert, and was built with the help of the French in the late 1950s and its power. Between 40 to 150 megawatts and plutonium is produced for military use, as Israel has surrounded its nuclear activities with ambiguity, as it refused, and is still, confirming and / or denying its possession of a terrorist nuclear weapon, as well as refusing to sign the NPT and the visits of IAEA inspectors to a reactor Dimona and to special places in the Sorek nuclear complex on the Mediterranean coast in the occupied territories in 1948 AD, due to the support of the United States of America. This support is the result of duplicative policies in dealing with other nuclear files, especially the Israeli military terrorist nuclear reactor.

The danger of the Dimona nuclear reactor lies in that it is located in an area by virtue of its location and seismic history, so its exposure to an earthquake is possible and is not excluded, and this, if it happens, will lead to a huge crack in the walls of the Dimona nuclear reactor. After revealing to the world the possession of the Hebrew state (and the latter being the one that is emergency on the geography and history in the region and the world) of this nuclear reactor, Vanunu confirmed that the region’s exposure to a strong earthquake would lead to cracks and cracks in the reactor’s walls, and this would lead to exposing the region and the world to A nuclear disaster is much greater than the nuclear disaster that occurred in the city of Chernobyl, where the buildings and facilities of the reactor, which was built by the Hebrew entity, more than fifty years ago and more than that, are currently suffering from cracks due to successive earthquakes, and that the reactor buildings are no longer fit and safe according to standards and standards And accordingly, the Arab countries and their peoples are no longer as safe as a child in his bed, after the occupation of Baghdad on 4/9/2003, the day of the fall of Jordan’s strategic economic partner / the state and the people.

At a time when Washington and London, and the countries that had mobilized to their side in 2003 and are still, launched a fierce war on Iraq, the state, the people and the civilization, in a blatant and disturbing challenge, claiming to save the world from Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, which were not found until Now, at the same time that Aqira is raising the tone of American and European threats despite the signing of a nuclear agreement with Iran, Iran is the Muslim state, Syria, the Arab state (despite the proxy war against it for ten and more years) and other countries, just because of suspicion and fear in the pursuit of that Countries to restore or develop their peaceful nuclear programs, in which we find Israel seeking to develop its secret military nuclear program, and concluding more secret agreements with Washington and other countries of the basket and chorus, which stipulate that Israel can proceed with its nuclear program, however it wants, as long as the matter has been resolved. It was kept confidential !!.

The Hebrew state, with its weapons of mass destruction, its secret military nuclear program (almost sixty years old) and the dangerous nuclear weapons systems it contains, confirms that Israel is a terrorist state par excellence, and is worthy of joining the Axis of Evil countries that the whole world must fight militarily and economically. (That is, Israel) possesses the sixth nuclear arsenal in the world, including nuclear weapons with small tactics and nuclear mines, in addition to medium-range missiles launched from the sea and the air and developing a neutron bomb ?!.

The policy of nuclear ambiguity practiced by Israel, since the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy, and the latter exerted pressure on Israel and remained in wait for it until he was assassinated, specifically during the reign of Meir, the Israeli Prime Minister in 1969 AD, which Francois Mitterrand described one day for the severity of her ugliness, saying: Oh God, as if it had just fallen from the back of Judah, as it reached an understanding with the Americans about Israel’s secret nuclear program, and from here this mysterious Israeli nuclear policy must not continue, as this policy is evidence of the Israeli fascist endeavors, and evidence of the American policies that are faltering in The region and the whole world, and what Carter declared thirteen years ago from now (I remember that well, I write these visions through these lines), at a British literary festival in the province of Wales, that Israel possesses more than 150 nuclear weapons, as it is the only country in the Middle East Now, which possesses enormous nuclear weapons, and yet we find this Hebrew state contingent on geography and history in the Middle East region, neither confirming nor denying this old, new information that Carter provided, relying on the The nuclear ambiguity in its secret military program that threatens global peace and security.

The nuclear radiation coming from the Israeli nuclear reactor in Dimona has a clear effect on pregnant women and fetuses in particular, as they cause birth defects, frequent miscarriages, developmental problems, sterility for men, infertility for women, as well as malnutrition of children, all of this and more, both in Gaza and the West Bank. The West Bank, as well as its impact on the steadfast south of Jordan, children are born with little weights and short stays. The level of poverty in Gaza reaches its heightened and exacerbated climax, with the continuation of the siege and in the West Bank as well, even if it is of course less than Gaza, which affects the health of pregnant women and not Their ability to treat and resist the effects of these radiation, and 60% of pregnant women suffer from anemia.

And the final question is: Have the joints and details of the deep state and the American Balderberg, and through the new official spokesman in America Joe Biden, and through the possibilities of returning and lifting sanctions on Iran, started to embark on strategies for the clean penetration of the Iranian state, through the tools of the Iranian foreign opposition with Mossad links, and the sleeper cells She and others inside Iran, as she did in most of the region until the moment, so that she does not stain her hands with the blood of others? Was it legal to invest in the Iranian middle class, to bring about the required political changes and to prepare for the bombing of Iran from within?

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